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Student housing. 

Students and cities are making more and more demands on quality, sustainability and safety. This makes it more difficult for private dorm owners to meet these minimum quality requirements without the costs skyrocketing. UNEST meets these demands and creates a community where a safe environment and a healthy lifestyle are key.

Today, Brussels is the place to be, also for students, who come from all over the world to study in our capital city. With 100,000 students, it is not only the largest student city in our country, it also presents itself as a progressive city centre where sustainability, versatility and quirky entertainment are central.

UNEST Erasmus is located less than 3 kilometres from 10 university campuses. In only 2 minutes you can ride your bike to the train station Brussels Midi. The ideal base for every student. The UNEST student accommodations feature great social spaces, flexible workspaces and a wide range of facilities.

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