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How can we help your hotel grow? 

1 | Operational management

With strong leadership that encourages and appeals to talented staff, we strive for a strong organisation that is “lean & mean”. Our experienced and hands-on management team guides and coaches each General Manager and the senior team of the various operations on a daily basis and implements best practices at every level of the company. We conduct regular operational and financial reviews of the various operations to ensure performance in all areas.

2 | Sales & Marketing

Our sales experts promote a sales culture throughout the organisation, resulting in maximum revenue opportunities for all operations. We focus on important B2B accounts, leisure organisations and associations. But we also strive for guest-friendly upselling throughout our entire operation. With regular review visits and an innovative training programme for our sales experts, the sales team focuses on generating commercial results for each operation.

3 | Human Resources

We strive to attract and retain committed employees of high quality, while striving for efficient and productive personnel structures in our organisation. We offer various learning opportunities to all our employees to enable them to continuously improve themselves. Our HR policies and procedures are based on industry best practices and used in conjunction with efficient HR and workforce planning tools. This way, we strive for efficiently planned and managed personnel structures and wage costs.

4 | Accounting

Financial efficiency and strict controls, effective procurement, benchmarking, targeting and in-depth reviews ensure maximum profit. Our finance team manages all financial controls and reporting. We provide detailed benchmarking of hotel performance to identify cost savings and efficiencies to maximise performance.

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